Flash Fiction


What is Flash Fiction?

Hemingway said that a story could be written in just 6 words. His story was:

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.

Flash Fiction is a minimalist form of writing where only the beginning, middle and end of a story is written in under 200 words. The maximum length of flash fiction pieces is still debatable among writers. Some consider it to be 300 words and others only a 100.

I’d love to see your flash fiction pieces on this blog, so please do reply!

All Hallows Eve

The Chief Inspector scratched his head in puzzlement.

First it was the mysterious corn circles, now the bodies of the local youths were spread throughout the field. The deaths were like nothing he had seen before.

The way the bodies were laid on the ground made it look like they were running away from something and then frightened to death, going by their expressions.

There were no inhabitants for miles.

“If only you could talk?” He said to the scarecrow.

The scarecrow’s evil grin widened behind the Chief Inspector’s retreating back.

© Tania Dias