Book Reviews

I read about 50 books a year and thought I should put some reviews and recommendations.  Reading definitely helps my writing and allows me to see an author’s skills (or lack of) in handling description, dialogue, plot, twists, multiple character view points etc.

I’m on a mission to read prize winning books to figure out what made them stand out as prize winners. So far I find prize winning books to have an original idea, have poor writing or in some cases are unreadable altogether and they are often tough long reads with incomprehensible flowery language. In other words they tick the boxes for literary snobs and critics.

Best-sellers on the other hand are easy to read and understand with simple straight forward writing. Sometimes the grammar and sentence structure can be crude. They are popular with readers though and derided by the literati.

Which one are you – the one who wants to have a sustainable income or the one who wants ego gratification?

It’s hard to balance between style and substance. Are there any prize winners who are also best sellers?

I’d love to get your view if you’ve read some of the same books!

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