Review: Clockwork Angel

Normally I’m not a fan of prequels as they can read as if the author is trying, perhaps a little desperately, to prolong the commercial success of a good franchise, think Harry Potter and the spate of sequels, prequels and offshoots with film and theatre productions and you see what I mean.

I think when a prequel series can stand on its own feet without reference to the original series, that is a success and this series The Infernal Devices, if the first book is anything to go by, appears to be doing that. I would say the sequel series The Dark Artifices can also stand alone well.

In the original Mortal Instruments series, Tessa Grey and Jem Carstairs were side characters. The Infernal Devices series covers Tessa’s story with Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs as her love triangle. The series is based in Victorian London. The institute is where the journalist’s church St Brides is near Blackfriars and Fleet Street. Marcus Bane the warlock makes an appearance in the book as does Camile the vampire. The antagonist is a surprise in the book.

I enjoyed reading the book from start to finish. There were no boring bits.




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