Review: The Fourth Gift by Elizabeth Chadwick

This is another book I realise that I read from this author of Medieval Historical novels that is an American Wild West romance. It seems there are two authors of the same name! It’s weird when you are expecting English medieval content to get a cowboy Mills and Boon romance! This American-born author is using Elizabeth Chadwick as a pseudonym. Whereas the award-winning English author was born in England and it is her real name.

Goodreads doesn’t even store a copy of the book so I did a little digging around and found this story was part of a compilation, called A Wilderness Christmas. Hence the mismatching cover image.

Anyway it’s a nice little story of an illiterate, poor, hillbilly female sheep farmer whose uncle gambles away half her estate in a game of poker and loses to a handsome, educated and wealthy Western novelist. The novelist comes to live with her at the ranch and she tries a multitude of ways to get rid of him but ends up falling for him and vice versa. Then his precocious society belle eleven year old niece comes to stay with them at the ranch and plots to get them together. The scenario is of course ludicrous since it was extremely rare that people at the opposite ends of society and education levels ended up together in that era.



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