Review: Eskimo Kissing

This is a book about an adopted set of twins whose identity is tied to being part of a pair and being adopted and that’s what makes Sam and Anna unique.

When a tragic accident happens and Sam’s sister gets killed, Sam’s world and identity is thrown into a spin. She feels the need to bury past ghosts and start afresh. So she sets off to find her birth mother and find out why she and Anna were given up to the adoption agency. She battles with feelings of guilt about her need to do the quest and her loyalty to her adoptive loving parents. With her boyfriend, she sets off on the search and comes up with an unexpected story about the lives and circumstances of her parents and even her relationship with Anna and their different natural parents. Some truths are hard to take but it all comes out if you dig too much and that is what Sam gets.

This was a good read, but can be emotional and dark in places. An odd theme I noticed through the entire book is that all the characters are constantly smoking, drinking coffee or wine. I know it’s based in the 1960s-80s but this extreme smoking addiction might be a stereotype of those times?


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