Review: The Shadow in the North

This second book is six years after the first. Fred, Jim and Sally have expanded the photography business which is growing and thriving. Sally has also established herself as an independent financial consultant with a steady and growing mainly female clientele.

Sally refuses to marry Fred, wanting to protect her independence, her business and her property because in Victorian London women lose everything to their husband once married. The book starts with their feuding private life.

Along turns up a client who has lost money by taking Sally’s advice. Sally promises to get the client’s money back, which sets her on a path to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a ship and the mystery millionaire behind the business.

Simultaneously Fred and Jim are drawn into protecting a magician and uncovering a bogey medium earning money through cheap tricks at the parlours of wealthy people.

The strands of the two separate adventures integrate into uncovering the shady dealings of the businessman and leads to tragic consequences for our protagonists.


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