Review: Kiss Kiss

This collection of short stories was ok. Very different from Roald Dhal’s more famous children’s stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, BFG, Matilda etc.

The stories are adult orientated, and apart from two where a main character gets killed, I liked them. The pheasant story was rather satisfying, Pig was the worst story being very grim at the end. Then there was the controlling husband and timid wife story where the husband is dies of a terminally ill disease and chooses to live on artificially after his death as an eyeball and brain by a science experiment and the wife enjoys finally having a life by doing all the things he disapproved of like smoking and making sure the eyeball watches her! The science part of that eyeball story was far too long and detailed and the story length could have been halved without taking away story from it. I liked the reincarnation cat story except the ending where the husband gets jealous of the wife’s attention to the cat and kills it in the bonfire.


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