Review: Cometh the Hour

Cometh the Hour
Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 6 of the Clifton Chronicles (still not the last one!) takes us to the 1970s. Margaret Thatcher makes an appearance in the background politics while our main characters Harry, Giles, Emma and Sebastian continue to battle their way through their lives. Book five left us with Emma’s court case and that’s the opening scene in this book. Harry continues to campaign for the Russian author Anatoly Babakov to be released from Siberian prison for daring to write a book about his experiences with Stalin.
Giles is still in love with the wrong woman and tries to rescue her from East Berlin. But is she who she appears to be?
Sebastian falls for an Indian lady. I think the author stereotypes the culture and her background. Then again this is the 1970s.
Hakim Bishara appears in a few chapters as Sloane and Mellor continue their campaign of terror to destroy Farthings bank. Virginia Fenwick is also up to her usual gold-digging tricks and taps into the pockets of a rich, naive American. All in all it’s a good read.

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