Review: The Sirens of Surrentum

The Sirens of Surrentum The Sirens of Surrentum by Caroline Lawrence My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is mistitled. It should have been ‘Satyr of Surrentum’ or ‘Lecher of Surrentum’ or ‘Nymphomaniac of Surrentum’ since it’s about a man who sleeps with most women in Naples and is so respected and above the law that no one can say or do anything (least of all the women). An abuse of power over women leads Flavia, the lead character to reassess that her infatuation is not a nice man. The pedophile fascination is disturbing. But I guess this is a good way of teaching appropriate boundaries to children and that they can say ‘no’ to adults. This book has adult themes and it’s interesting to see what passes as childrens literature these days. Makes the childrens books in my time seem so innocent and tame! View all my reviews