Review: The Luminaries

The Luminaries
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first 200 pages involved long chapters, were very slow to read with circular explanations. Midway through the book, the chapters become shorter, the pace gets faster and faster ending the book in a speedy and abrupt end. The first chapters were 30 pages each and the last few chapters were one page each.

Mmm…I’m not sure what to make of the strange pacing in the book from a meandering snails pace beginning to a formula 1 crash ending. The beginning and end were not satisfactory. There are too many loose ends left in the story. The content of the myriad of stories was interesting however as was the location and subject matter, especially the stories of Anna Wetherell, Lauderback/Crosbie/Lydia/Francis.

The links of the astrology charts made no sense/interpretation to the chapters and the likeness of characters to various star signs and planets was tenuous and would only be understood by readers with a good understanding of astrology. An appendix with what the behavioural characteristics of people with a predominance of certain planetary/sign effects would have been beneficial to help the reader understand the chapter headings and charts.

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