Review: Tipping the Velvet

Tipping the Velvet
Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the TV series more than the book in general. The main character Nancy is careless with her family when she meets her first love and follows her up to London. Then she gets cheated on and you feel really sorry for her. But not for long as she becomes self-absorbed, hard-hearted and irritating during the middle part of the book when she behaves irresponsibly towards her future sweetheart in a bid to improve herself by getting trapped as a sex slave for a much older rich woman. The gilded cage scenario soon loses it’s appeal and Nancy is thrown out and tries to find her future sweetheart, who unbelievably takes her in. At the end conveniently she meets most of the characters from the book at an event who she had used along her journey and was used by in turn and she forgives them all and it ends happily ever after with her sweetheart who she has no shared interests with. Somehow, the story is not satisfying. The TV series had put a stronger ending focusing on just Nancy making a choice between her first love and her current sweetheart without the distractions of the other characters.

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