It’s Dark in the Park

It’s Dark in the Park


A twilight stroll

in the hinterland of a central park

is a curious place, of moving shadows

and shades of grey.


Footsteps echo along paths.

Snickering couples in the dark.

A flashlight from park control,

highlights a pooch on cruise control.


It’s a time of light inversely proportional to volume.

The evening chorus of deafening birds,

crickets and frogs create a cacophony

somehow in symphony.


Creatures from horror movies enter the mind.

Breathe quickens under glittering eyes

hidden in bushes of various size.

Foxes, rabbits or dogs, it’s hard to say;

it could just be a couple of gays.


You speed up but hear your tail gather pace.

Is it a serial killer or a giant nut-seeking squirrel?

You can’t wait and dash towards the gate!


© Tania Dias